Earthrise Media

As the non-profit arm of Earthrise Studio, Earthrise Media exists to inform a new generation of climate leaders by providing free and accessible climate education across the UK.

Working at a community and grassroots level, Earthrise Media encourages young people to engage emotionally with the issue of climate breakdown and actuate change. Earthrise Media has already reached and engaged 167,000 young people across the UK through a series of multimedia projects.

Earthrise Media Projects

The Breakdown

“Exploring how we got here, where we're headed, and what we can ALL do to make a difference”

The Breakdown is a free, accessible five-part video series breaking down the complexity of the climate crisis. Following each episode, the series includes a series of actionable steps young people in the UK can take to tackle the climate crisis, both on an individual and community level. In-person screenings of The Breakdown have also opened up the series to a wider audience and provided a format for the audience to engage with the topics covered in more detail.


“Unpacking big ideas into small spaces”

Noticing a gap in climate justice education in the UK, Earthrise Media has developed and utilised Instagram infographics as a way to break down climate-related topics. These infographics cover big issues from climate migration to actionable steps we can take as individuals to ways to overcome eco-anxiety in a visually appealing format.


“Engaging the next generation of leaders”

Focussed on building ‘Climate Hope’ and not ‘Climate Dispair’, Earthrise Media has hosted events in schools with renowned authors such as George Monbiot to inspire a new generation to take action and dream big. These events are a welcome way to open up climate education outside of the National Curriculum in a fun and engaging format.