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We collaborate with brands, harnessing the power of storytelling to create positive change for both people and planet.

earthrise X Choose Love

Choose Earth is an innovative campaign in collaboration with Choose Love  designed to support and resource indigenous communities across Brazil.

Facing an extreme human rights, social, and climate justice struggle, indigenous communities across Brazil are under more threat than ever before. Choose Earth exists to support Brazilian Indigenous Communities’ fight for social and environmental justice, and change ‘Western’ relationships with planet earth.

Choose Earth is about providing grassroots support in the indigenous leaders fight for social justice and defence of the natural systems on which we all depend and has partnered with 64 indigenous leaders to assist in their collective resistance.

earthrise X Stella McCartney

Launched on Earth Day 2021, we partnered with the team at Stella McCartney on a 6-part event series. 

At earthrise, we resonate with Stella’s values, where every action counts in a bid to have the least impact on our environment. Since launching in 2001, Stella McCartney has been a trailblazer in the fashion industry, championing the term ‘sustainability’ long before it was a buzzword. 

Working with Stella and team, we launched #StellaTalks on Earth Day 2021, a six-part event series of activist-led conversations connecting our global community of change-makers.

earthrise X Ecosia

Working with the team at Ecosia we produced a series for Instagram which celebrated the power and beauty of nature and our natural world.

The series covered key topics such as the mental health benefits of nature, the importance of biodiversity and lessons of indigenous wisdom, conveying the information in an engaging manner.

Donating 80% of profits to nonprofit organisations focussed on reforestation, Ecosia is an industry leader, supporting full financial transparency and privacy protection for all users.