About us

A picture of the earth taken from the moon; the earthrise.

earthrise is a digital platform and creative studio. We use design, film, and storytelling to communicate the climate crisis.

We’re named after the iconic photo taken in 1968 by William Anders on the NASA Apollo 8 mission to the moon. When it was published, ‘Earthrise’ helped catalyse the global environmental movement. It shifted the perspective of those who saw it, serving as a reminder of both the fragility and the uniqueness of Planet Earth.  

We fundamentally believe in the power of storytelling to shape new perspectives. Stories are the fabric of our world. They help us contextualise our history, navigate the present, and imagine the future. We believe that we need a new story to reframe our relationship with the natural world and address the multiple intersecting crises we face today.

Our goal is to humanise the impacts of the climate crisis by sharing the diverse experiences of those living on the frontlines of climate change and the activists who have devoted their lives to tackling it.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of BIPOC communities in the knowledge that they are both the most affected by climate and often the most marginalised from the conversation. 

We operate as a full service creative studio and editorial platform.

As featured in The Guardian and The Evening Standard.

We need optimism and inspiration to navigate the future ahead. We need a new perspective. 

We have now entered the crucial decade to take action on climate change. Over the next nine years we must take collective action to stabilise the global climate before we cross crucial environmental tipping points. This requires immense pressure on political and corporate leaders to instigate the dramatic changes that are required. Therefore, we are committed to helping build a movement of informed young people from around the world to keep up this pressure.

earthrise is the platform we wish we had access to when we began our own journey of learning about the climate crisis and all the issues that intersect with it. It's an open community and resource pool to support anyone who's interested in expanding their understanding of the systemic challenges we face and the potential solutions that exist.

We believe in the power of storytelling and strength of community to inspire a new generation of change-makers, visionaries and activists.

earthrise is a collective of designers, filmmakers, and writers dedicated to communicating how we navigate the climate crisis.

earthrise was founded in July 2020 by Jack Harries, Alice Aedy and Finn Harries as a way of combining their shared interests in filmmaking, photography and design. It operates as a full service creative studio with a dedicated team of designers, filmmakers, and writers.

We’re shaped by an ever-growing network of young, engaged people from around the world who share similar concerns, hopes and dreams about our collective future. We strive to represent marginalised voices and diverse perspectives through the work we create.

We're always looking for passionate members to join our team. You can get in touch at hello@earthrise.studio

We hold ourselves accountable to a set of values and intentions as defined below. These are a preliminary set of guiding principles that we use for navigating and communicating the climate and ecological crisis. 

Radical Optimism 
No matter how bad the crisis gets, earthrise will always be a place where optimism can be found. Even in times of darkness, we believe in the power of radical optimism to inspire the creativity and imagination we need to light up the path ahead. This belief in something better drives us to take action and demand change. 


It is essential that we adopt an intersectional analysis of climate change and recognise that the threats of ecological breakdown vary in intensity depending on ability, class, gender, geography, race, religion, and sexual orientation. We practice intersectional environmentalism, as defined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, advocating for the protection of all people and the planet.

We operate with an awareness of the long-established power structures that have been built through indigenous exploitation and extractive practices. We seek to dismantle colonial ideas as essential to developing more equitable social structures and navigating environmental breakdown.

A New Politics
We recognise the failure of mainstream politics to respond to the crisis it has created. Our capacity to care for people and the planet is constrained by the interests that rely on exploitation and dispossession. We openly welcome new political structures that advocate for a local and global redistribution of power and resources from the few to the many.

Deep Ecology
There is much to learn from indigenous wisdom. We believe a fundamental perspective shift is required in how we understand the relationship between humans and nature. We must recognise ourselves as part of an interrelated and dynamic ecosystem, where our role is one of stewardship and regeneration rather than control and domination. 

Forming Alliances
We are committed to increasing connection, collaboration, and community through the work we produce and the space we create. We believe in the power of alliance to achieve the shared goal of taking immediate and far reaching action on the climate crisis. We seek to actively establish partnerships with organisations and individuals to catalyse the process of a just transition.

Team Members

Jack Harries
Alice Aedy
Finn Harries
Daze Aghaji
Chloe Puttock
Bea Patarata