Allrise with Allbirds

We created a 22-page newspaper with Allbirds celebrating the power of storytelling and imagination as a tool to reframe our relationship with Mother Nature, and re-write our future.
About Allbirds
Allbirds is a global lifestyle brand on a mission to reverse climate change through better business. As a B Corp, Allbirds reimagines wha’s possible with nature, and unlocks innovative ways of integrating naturally derived, low carbon materials into our footwear and apparel.
Newspaper Editor
Article Curation
Art Direction
Social + Digital Impact Campaign
Graphic Design
Emma Latham Phillips
The Project in Numbers
contributors from Allbird's Allgood Collective
page publication
limited edition copies printed

Change starts with telling stories of hope and possibility.

Working closely with the team at Allbirds we created a 22-page publication which drew from the Allbirds Allgood Collective ambassadors whose unique narratives put the care of the Earth front and centre.

The publication used incredible imagery from a range of creators from Tom Hegen to Alice Aedy to harness creativity and remind readers that we don’t just need to tell new stories, we need to be the story. There is still hope, the future is yet to be written; but we must all rise and make those first steps towards it.

To support the release of the publication, Allrise featured in the Duke of York ‘Sustainability Showcase’, where lucky visitors got their hands on the limited edition newspaper. Elements of the paper were also shared online to the wider Earthrise audience.

Project Credits
Alice Aedy: Creative Director
Chloe Puttock: Producer
Beatriz Patarata: Graphic Designer
Emma Latham Phillips: Copywriter

We believe stories have the power to change the world. Do you?

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