Green Ideas Book Club with Penguin

A multi-media collaboration with Penguin Modern Classics series bringing you the ideas that have changed the way we think and talk about the living world in 20 short books.
About Penguin Modern Classics
Since 1934, Penguin have been publishing many of the world’s most celebrated authors. The Penguin Modern Classic series has undoubtedly been an era-defining, ever-evolving series of books, encompassing works by modernist pioneers, avant-garde iconoclasts, radical visionaries and timeless storytellers.
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To share the incredible stories of hope and possibility across the 20 inspirational authors we created a dynamic and original social impact campaign for the series.

Together, with Penguin, the ‘Green Ideas Book Club’ was born, a series of events, interviews, panels and social content hearing from both the authors and the audience who had been inspired by their work.

As part of the interview series, Alice Aedy got the chance to sit down with Michael Pollan, Robin Wall Kimmerer to hear about their upcoming Green Ideas.

To amplify the series within the Earthrise network, Alice also hosted a live panel with Bill McKibben and Climate Justice Activist Mikaela Loach and Green New Deal Co Executive Director Fatima Ibrahim.

Alice also hosted an event with George Monbiot in a school, to share the importance of the series with a younger audience.

Project Credits
Alice Aedy: Creative Director
Chloe Puttock: Producer + Copywriter
Beatriz Patarata: Art Director + Graphic Designer

We believe stories have the power to change the world. Do you?

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