Rebrand for Choose Love

We worked with our friends at Choose Love to streamline and revitalise their visual and verbal identity and create a bespoke pack of social media templates.
About Choose Love
Choose Love is on a mission to revolutionise global philanthropy - empowering displaced communities to thrive by putting resources and influence into the hands of the people with on-the-ground knowledge to create lasting change.
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Brand Identity
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Social Media Strategy
Social Media Templates
The Project in Numbers
new values
Visual Identity System
social post templates

Working closely with the Choose Love team, we meticulously crafted new values, mission statements, manifestos, and boilerplates that seamlessly aligned with their internal and external communications.

In parallel, we embarked on a detailed and bespoke visual ideation phase, leveraging Choose Love's existing brand to develop a more sophisticated color palette and typography suitable for diverse platforms.

To ensure a cohesive brand experience and aid implementation, we created a comprehensive social media strategy. This strategy encompasses distinct post strands, application guidelines, and invaluable tips to maximise engagement across various social media platforms.

Project Credits
Alice Aedy: Creative Director
Chloe Puttock: Producer + Copywriter
Beatriz Patarata: Art Director + Graphic Designer

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