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Spotlight is an explainer series in partnership with Bloomberg Originals, highlighting climate solutions from around the world.
About the project
It’s not just doom and gloom – communities and countries around the world are harnessing creativity, resourcefulness and innovation to solve the climate crisis.

Spotlight is a 12-episode explainer series co-presented by Alice Aedy and Jack Harries diving into climate solutions, with a focus on the Global South. An original production commissioned by Bloomberg, Spotlight is a segment on the Bloomberg climate show Getting Warmer with Kal Penn.
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The conversation around climate used to be about sounding the alarm. But now, there’s a growing appetite for stories that move away from climate doomism and towards solutions that can shape the future we want.

We wanted to showcase the amazing ideas taking root all over the world, providing an international lens to complement the US-centric focus of Bloomberg’s larger show, Getting Warmer with Kal Penn.

Episode 1: The Plastic Predicament
Can we fix recycling?
Plastic pollution is projected to triple by 2040, and recycling isn’t working. So, what do we do? This episode of Spotlight dives into the circular economy and whether it can help solve our plastic predicament.
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Episode 2: Blockchain's Big Promise
Can blockchain help solve the climate crisis?
We often hear the words “crypto” and “blockchain” in the same sentence. With crypto getting a bad rap for being so bad for the environment, could we be ignoring the potential of blockchain — the technology that crypto is based on — to be used for good?
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Episode 3: How to Save a City
Why we need to future-proof our cities
By 2050, the number of people living in cities is expected to double. Yet, cities are already suffering from the impacts of climate change – so how are we adapting and future-proofing our cities?
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Episode 4: The Last Resort
Are we all going to become climate migrants?
Over the next few decades, climate migration is going to reshape world borders and redefine our lives as more and more of us flee fires, droughts, floods and rising temperatures.
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Episode 5: The Future of Water
Can sewage water save us?
It’s no secret that our planet is running out of water. But… can recycling wastewater be the solution we need?
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Episode 6: The Cooling Crisis
Can we cool down a heating planet?
The role of cooling technologies is only getting more and more important as the globe starts to heat up. From keeping our cities liveable, to making sure our food doesn’t perish, refrigeration technology is key to our future. But, it’s a double edged sword.
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Episode 7: The Electric Revolution
The electric vehicle revolution you haven't heard of
Electric vehicles are having a revolution – but not the kind we imagined. While we see Tesla’s and Fiat's saturating the public market in places like the US and Europe, most people around the world can’t afford them. Instead, their EV’s look a little bit different.
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Episode 8: The Methane Menace
How farming is burning up our planet
Is farming burning up the planet? Modern day agriculture is contributing to the climate crisis, and now it’s time to go back to our roots.  
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Episode 9: The Just Transition
The Just Transition
As we start to transition to a renewable energy system, how do we make sure workers and countries are not left behind?  
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Episode 10: The Rights of Nature
Should we give nature legal rights?
We haven’t been kind to nature. We’ve cast it as separate to humanity, all the while extracting, exploiting, and plundering. Yet as the climate crisis deepens and we all begin to feel its devastating impacts, more and more attention has been turning to the question: do we need to change our relationship to nature?
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Episode 11: People Power
How youth activists are suing the government
In the fight against climate change, we’ve developed an arsenal of tools to make bad actors behave less badly: mass protests, voting for climate-friendly policies, civil disobedience, and consumer decisions. But there’s one more weapon that’s increasing in popularity and effectiveness: climate litigation.
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Episode 12: How to Not Plant Trees
The truth behind planting trees and carbon offsets
We’ve all probably heard about a tree-planting campaign somewhere. Heck, many of us might even have supported one.Planting a tree to offset our actions is easy. It’s cheap, it sells a good story, it makes us feel good. But, as we’ve been starting to find out, it’s not always the best choice. So how does tree planting actually work, and can we really plant our way out of this climate crisis?
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Project Credits
Joi Lee: Series Lead
Alice Aedy: Presenter + Producer
Jack Harries: Presenter + Producer
Kathy Ahfid: Writer
Samantha Lee: Story Producer + Archive Researcher
Mariana Surillo: Story Producer + Archive Researcher
Chloe Puttock: Line Producer
Beatriz Patarata: Art Director + Graphics Designer
Vera Romanova: Assembly Editor
Dennis Gnoni Visconti: Advanced Editor
Patrice Gerber: Motion Designer
Isabella Rider: Camera
Luca Piercey: Lighting

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