The Breakdown with Waterbear Network

5-part explainer series breaking down the climate crisis: how we got here, where we are headed, and what humanity can do to make a difference.
About the project
How did we get here? Where are we headed?

Presented by Jack Harries, The Breakdown is a WaterBear Network commission exploring the most urgent crisis of our time. From climate misinformation and fossil fuel company cover-ups, to climate justice and solutions, The Breakdown unpacks climate change in a disarmingly relatable way. In the series we hear from climate thought-leaders and experts including Christiana Figueres, David Wallace-Wells, Fatima Ibrahim and Mary Heglar.

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At Earthrise we get asked the same questions again and again by our audience: How did we get here? And more importantly, how can we as individuals take action?

Complicated by complex graphs and data, scientists have failed to tell the story of climate properly. The Breakdown aimed to unpack climate change in an accessible, engaging and empowering way.

Episode 1: How We Got Here
Climate Catastrophe - How did we get here?!
In Episode 1, we kick off the series with a big picture look at the history of our planet. We start by looking back at the last 10,000 years of climate stability and explore how the discovery of ancient fossil fuels changed the course of humanity as we know it.
Episode 2: 50 Years Of Lies and Misinformation
Fossil Fuel Companies Have Been Lying To You
Fossil fuel companies have been lying to us. They’ve known about climate change for decades, and have buried the science in an effort to continue business as usual.
Episode 3: Nine Years Left To Avoid Climate Breakdown
Why we have less than 9 years left to avoid climate breakdown!
We take a look back at all the COPs of the past, the crucial turning points of the Paris climate agreement, and the 2018 IPCC report in order to understand why COP 26 this year in Glasgow is so important in our attempts to limit temperature rise.
Episode 4: An Unequal World
Climate Justice Is Social Justice
Episode four of The Breakdown looks at the intersection between racism and climate change, highlighting how climate change is first and foremost a social justice issue. Looking forward the episode explores the role of the Green New Deal as part of a just and fair transition.
Episode 5: What You Can Do
What YOU can do about climate change
In the final episode of The Breakdown, we explore climate solutions, looking at the difference between individual and systemic change and ultimately why we must all join the climate movement!
Project Credits
Ellen Windemuth: Executive Producer
Andrea Walji: Head of Content + Production at Waterbear Network
Jack Harries: Writer + Director
Finn Harries: Writer + Producer
Alice Aedy: Producer
Daze Aghaji: Consultant
Chloe Puttock: Researcher
Adrian Bliss: Writer
Lindsay Wright: Composer
Isla Molleson: Archive Researcher
Zoe Desgraupes: Editor
Will The Artist: Art Director + Designer
Simon Hayes: Designer + Animator
Ross Mason: Lead Animator
Dan Barkle: Animator
Sashko Potter Micevski: Sound Designer
Liz Glennard: Colour Grader

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