We Are Antarctica with Reboot The Future

A short film and campaign exploring our relationship with Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent.
About the project
Uninhabitable to humans, yet impacted by every action we take, today Antarctica stands at a crucial crossroads.

We are Antarctica is a short film and campaign commissioned by Reboot The Future that aims to highlight the importance of protecting the last great wilderness on earth.
Concept Development
Film Production
Script Writing
Graphic Design
Social + Digital Impact Campaign
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Created with Reboot The Future, We Are Antarctica is a film and campaign to educate and inspire change-seekers, young people, and leaders to forge a new relationship with nature.

Uninhabitable to humans, yet impacted by every action we take, today Antarctica stands at a crucial crossroads. Now is the time to reimagine our relationship with this great land and listen to the ancient wisdom of those fighting to protect our last wild areas.

Ahead of the next major climate conference, COP27, the We Are Antarctica film and campaign had one clear mission: to reimagine our relationship to this land. It is time to give Antarctica a voice.

Danii Kehler, the first Canadian First Nations woman to visit the continent of Antarctica
Earthrise Team Credits
Paul + Kim Polman: Executive Producers
Jack Harries: Director + Voice + Writer
Vivien Cumming: Producer + Writer
Josua Stäbler: Cinematographer
Dennis Gnoni Visconti: Editor
Peter Hacker: Colourist:
Gavin Brivik: Music + Composition
Philip Daniel: Music + Composition
Markus Andreas: Sound Designer
Harry Balden: Researcher
Stash Wislocki: Aerial Footage
Beatriz Patarata: Graphic Designer
Alice Aedy: Producer
Finn Harries: Producer
Chloe Puttock: Producer
Daze Aghaji: Producer
Thwaites Glacier Animation: Adrian Luckman, Swansea University
With thanks to Reboot The Future, Albratross Exhibitions, 2041 Climate Force, Rob + Barney Swan, Shivi Dwivedi, Rebecca Dove, Ellen Tully, Anthony Bennett, Adot Foundation, and the Indigenous wisdom that influence this production.

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