Choose Earth 2021 with Choose Love

A fundraising and storytelling campaign in solidarity with Brazilian indigenous leaders under threat.
About Choose Earth
Choose Earth is an Earth Day campaign in collaboration between Earthrise, Choose Love and Voo Da Vespa, in support of Brazilian indigenous communities' fighting for social and environmental justice.
Choose Earth aims to empower the indigenous movement, challenge Western perceptions, and amplify indigenous wisdom in the curation of global environmental solutions.
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Whilst Indigenous communities are only 5% of the world's population, they protect 80% of global biodiversity.

Yet every day, they are under threat. Facing an extreme human rights, social, and climate justice crisis, Indigenous communities across Brazil have to fight against systemic violence in the form of land invasion, mining, agro-business, assault and murder, deforestation, water contamination, disease, racism, femicide, suicide, inequality, exclusion, corruption, co-option, systemic violence, spiritual and cultural genocide… The list goes on. Additionally, current Western strategies have failed to recognise the relevance, experience and wisdom of Indigenous communities.

COP26 Iteration

Ahead of COP26, Choose Earth diversified its strategy to address the lack of Indigenous leadership at the decision-making table in Glasgow.

Billboards were displayed across Glasgow City Centre to amplify and key campaign messages. The billboards, in collaboration with Jack Arts, featured portraits of three leading female Indigenous leaders: Sônia Guajajara, Célia Xakriaba and Glicéria Tupinambá and carefully followed the aesthetic and theme of the Earth Day campaign. This was key in order to provide continuity to the branding and visual language of the Choose Earth initiative.

Project Credits
Sam Roddick: Campaign Lead
Felipe Viveros: Campaign Lead
Philli Boyle: Choose Love Lead
Alice Aedy: Creative Director
Chloe Puttock: Producer
Mavi Morais: Digital Artist
Jackie Dewar: Graphic Designer
Beatriz Patarata: Graphic Designer

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